Beond Inc

Cancún, Quintana Roo, Mexico

Seeking Psychedelic Assisted Therapists

Beond Mexico (Beond Treatment S.R.L. de C.V. ) is a state of the art residential psychedelic-assisted treatment program based in Mexico providing services for people who experience challenges with a variety of substance use and mental health issues. Through our onsite (and supplementary telemedicine-based) we treat addictions to opioids, alcohol, stimulants, and prescription medication dependence, as well as depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder, self-destructive behavioral issues, and other conditions.

The Beond 5-Phase treatment delivery model ("Insight Oriented Ibogaine'') typically includes treatments using ibogaine (and incorporating additional psychedelic substances, as medically advisable.) Our proprietary safety protocols were developed by board-certified physicians and were peer-reviewed by the leading subject matter experts. Insight Oriented Ibogaine at Beond represents an innovative and effective path to achieving profound transformation for people (and families) for whom conventional treatments have not been effective or satisfying. For more information on Beond, our programs, ibogaine and our success please read our Ibogaine Clinical Summary and our Manifesto available at

Overview of Therapist Role

Beond Inc ( is recruiting experienced therapeutic psychology and mental health professionals (psychologists, therapists and clinical social workers) to join our psychotherapy practice as either full-time or part-time (minimum 10-15 hrs per week) team members.

We are seeking licensed clinical psychotherapists with trauma-informed training and approach, strong interpersonal skills and a deep personal motivation to be an integral part of a dynamic and rapidly growing team who are dedicated to providing the best possible care for our clients. Our care is delivered both on-site at our facility and/or via remote telemedicine. Our therapists help foster the development of our client’s understanding of the benefits resulting from the incorporation of psychedelic therapies in the treatment of chemical dependency, depression, anxiety and trauma.

The ideal candidate brings proper training, relevant experience, as well as a grounded, authentic, spiritually-fit personal vision and passion to bear on Beond’s mission of continuous improvement, and relishes the opportunity to advance our delivery models and client satisfaction. Our team shares a collective mission to transform (radically improve) the mental health care system to urgently help many more people, families and communities who are underserved by limited access and the outcomes of certain conventional technologies, rehabilitation methods and treatment facilities. Please join us!

Over the past two decades, our medical leadership has researched the science and practices of Ibogaine-assisted treatment (and other psychedelic therapies) as administered privately in medically-based clinics around the world, with the aim of improving safety and efficacy in addressing chemical dependence – including the use of ibogaine for alcoholism,opiate addiction, and most recently behavioral disorders.

Our philosophy of treatment is an integrative, collaborative approach which emphasizes the importance of therapeutic engagement in the cultivation of the self-motivated agency in our clients, at every stage. Our interdisciplinary team of partners aim to create optimal conditions for the immediate and enduring experience of healing within a purpose-designed “set and setting” that helps to catalyze the innate healing intelligence within each of our clients. We believe that the biochemical and neuroplastic properties of iboga and ibogaine are compounded when our clients are truly prepared for a full range of diverse experiences onsite and online, as well as individually and in groups. We provide a variety of interventions and contexts to foster new personal insights and shifts in perspectives that can be integrated into a client’s healing transformation, longer term aftercare, and overall lifestyle.

The therapist role will include: conducting intake assessments, utilizing standard and

customized psychological evaluation scales and instruments, developing customized treatment plans, and providing ongoing therapeutic support throughout a client’s course of treatment before, during and after their visit to our facilities. Leading the course of treatment requires conducting individual and group therapy sessions designed to guide clients in developing new insight, improving coping strategies, improving day-to-day functioning, developing and implementing integration experiences, and improving overall wellness and quality of life for our guests (and sometimes, their families).

Leading the innovation in the practice of psychedelic-assisted mental health treatment for a broad range of conditions requires a dynamic,adaptable, and process-oriented approach, with the capacity to respond flexibly and with a sense of urgency. Our medical + psych + hospitality and therapeutic-coaching teams exhibit a highly motivated attitude of “how can we help” – built on our strong sense of solidarity and integrated cross-functional (collaborative) approach. Beond seeks professionals who are eager to bring their talents and excellence to this exciting phase of growth and evolution at Beond. As we evolve our delivery model and psychology protocols, this client-facing role can be either a full time or part time contract position in alignment with the therapist's schedule.

Therapist Responsibilities

  • ● Intake and assessment of clients to determine their qualification (and readiness) for treatment with regards to our multidimensional definition of safety, insight and self-motivation, as well as external factors.
  • ● Develop and implement written customized psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy treatment plans, based on our proprietary protocol and delivery model, that includes preparation, pre-treatment and integration strategies
  • ● Facilitate an individualized “feeling of healing” during psychedelic sessions by facilitating the experience of a client’s mental wellness and inner healing intelligence.
  • ● Lead ongoing group and/or individual therapeutic supervision sessions.
  • ● Collaborate with medical leadership on advancing projects and initiatives
  • ● Demonstrate effective risk assessment and crisis management skills.
  • ● Refer clients to outside (local) resources or support networks.

● Develop, implement, and maintain planning for caseload.

● Practice acceptable ethical and behavioral standards of conduct, and promote and ensure good clinical practices, ensuring adherence to clinical research protocols.


Acceptable candidates must have:

  • ● Completion of a master's degree in one of the following disciplines: Social Work; Clinical or Counseling Psychology; Marital & Family Therapy. Additional or alternative disciplines may be considered depending on licensure.
  • ● Credentials and licensing by the appropriate regulatory body that authorizes engaging in psychotherapeutic practice and related services
  • ● English language skills sufficient to facilitate 1:1 and group counseling sessions with confidence and ease. Bilingual Spanish-speaking is a plus.
  • Experience
  • ● At least 3+ years of independent clinical practice in adult individual and group therapy specifically focused on addressing common and complex mental health conditions, including chemical dependency, depression, anxiety, trauma and chronic pain, and stressor-related conditions.
  • ● Trauma-informed care approach/training. (E.g., EMDR, Sensorimotor Therapy, IFS)
  • ● Experience in psychedelic-assisted therapies, mindfulness-based therapies, Somatic Experiencing, and similar modalities is a plus.
  • ● Integrated, lived experiences that advance clinical competencies are acknowledged and encouraged.
  • ● Experience working with diverse client populations.
  • ● Experience managing client flow and working in a collaborative, cross-functional
  • medical environment
  • ● Ibogaine specific related experience is strongly encouraged but not required. All
  • qualified team members are provided access to safer, ethical medical administration of ibogaine at our facilities, if desired,
  • Key Attributes
  • ● Passion to be a key partner of a rapidly growing global team dedicated to transforming the practice of mental health care.
  • ● Objective, authentic, compassionate, focused presence, natural sensitivity, empathic while contributing to a supportive structure, self-motivated self-discovery, warmth, respect/appreciate different backgrounds and life circumstances
  • ● Experience with the family dynamics of chemical dependency
  • ● Active commitment to personal healing through continuous intentional personal
  • development.
  • ● Understanding of the physical and psychological effects of psychedelics.

Special Knowledge, Skills & Abilities:

  • ● Ability to work and provide psychotherapy in a clinical setting with participants who have a variety of mental health conditions.
  • ● Excellent organizational and analytical skills.
  • ● Attention to detail.
  • ● Excellent oral and written communication skills to interact effectively within and
  • outside the department.
  • ● Ability to interact effectively with individuals at all levels and from diverse
  • cultures.
  • ● Proficient in computer programs such as Google, Microsoft, Excel, Word, and
  • PowerPoint.
  • ● Enthusiasm and willingness to learn about the work of the company and all
  • functional teams as well to acquire new technical skills as needed.
  • ● Excellent organizational skills to work effectively in an environment that requires
  • balancing multiple assignments.
  • ● Certificates or additional training in psychedelic therapies is a plus!
  • ● The full time position would preferably be based in Mexico, however Beond is
  • open to discussing personal requirements related to possible relocation timing
  • and duration.
  • ● Full time and part time remote access candidates will be considered as well.
  • Beond welcomes, celebrates, and supports all applicants. We know our company and culture evolves because of the personal differences and unique characteristics of our team. We understand that our guests, patients, partners, and employees benefit greatly as a result of community members bringing our “whole person” to work and into the workplace. Beond is proud to be an equal opportunity workplace. For more

information on Beond, our programs, ibogaine and our success please read our Ibogaine Clinical Summary and our Manifesto available at