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Gather Well Psychedelics is a 501(c)3 training organization with a commitment to creating a home for healing arts and transformational learning through responsible and respectful engagement with psychedelics. We believe that psychedelic healing modalities, held in an attuned, ethical, and culturally sensitive way, can play an important part in supporting the wide-scale transformation and growth this world needs.

To fulfill our mission, we know we must operate within a robust ethical infrastructure and support our certified graduate guides in the ethics of their practices. Gather Well is proud to be implementing an ethics infrastructure that we believe meets this need. The ethics committee is a critical aspect of its success. We hope to invite value-aligned, inspired, and qualified individuals to bring it to life. We welcome and encourage all who feel resonance to ethical care in psychedelics and who feel they could make a meaningful contribution to Gather Wells inaugural ethics committee to submit your interest. Please share this role description with those you feel may have interest. 

Read more about Gather Well Psychedelics below. 

Committee Composition: Qualifications, Skills & Expertise 

The Ethics Committee is composed of a diverse group of individuals, professionals, seasoned ethicists, and diverse community representatives. This composition ensures a holistic and multifaceted approach to ethical deliberations. Members are selected for their commitment to Gather Well's values, their expertise in ethics, and their ability to engage in deep discussions on the ethical aspects of psychedelic therapy. See Appendix for more information about the Ethics Committee. 

Ideal Candidate Criteria

Candidates will be reviewed for their strengths in the following areas: 

  • Meets the qualifications for at least one of the five committee seats
  • Understanding of psychedelic-assisted care and the unique ethical challenges in this field
  • Ability to commit the required time to actively participate in committee meetings and responsibilities
  • Demonstrated alignment with Gather Well's core values of integrity, compassion, excellence, inclusion, and innovation
  • Contributes to the committee's diversity of perspectives in terms of lived experience, professional background, and expertise
  • Strong interpersonal and communication skills
  • Strong ethical reasoning and decision-making skills
  • Collaborative approach to problem-solving and consensus-building

Committee Expertise  

The following are the core areas of expertise represented by, at minimum, 5 committee seats. One person can represent expertise in more than one of these areas. 

1. Experienced Psychedelic Guide with Expertise in Psychedelic Ethics

  • Qualifications: Certified psychedelic guide or licensed professional with extensive experience in providing psychedelic-assisted care
  • Skills: Deep understanding of the psychedelic experience, ability to navigate complex emotional and psychological terrains, strong interpersonal and communication skills
  • Background: Minimum of 5 years of experience in psychedelic guiding or therapy, demonstrated commitment to ethical practice

2. Bioethicist or Ethics Scholar

  • Qualifications: Advanced degree in bioethics, philosophy, or a related field with a focus on ethics in healthcare or psychedelic research
  • Skills: Expertise in ethical reasoning, familiarity with ethical frameworks and theories, ability to analyze complex moral dilemmas and provide guidance
  • Background: Contributions to the field of bioethics, experience serving on ethics committees or institutional review boards

3. Transformative Justice Expert 

  • Qualifications: Expertise in transformative justice principles and practices, deep understanding of harm reduction approaches in the context of psychedelics
  • Skills: Ability to design and facilitate accountability processes, provide guidance on preventing and mitigating harm, foster a culture in alignment with transformative justice principles.
  • Background: Extensive experience in implementing transformative justice interventions, leadership in harm reduction initiatives within psychedelic communities or related fields.

4. Non-Western Healing and Non-Western Ethics Advocate

  • Qualifications: Expert in non-Western healing modalities, with a deep understanding of their cultural contexts and ethical principles.
  • Skills: Ability to translate and bridge frameworks of a non-western approach and ethic to other professionals with a predominantly western academic ethics background. 
  • Background: Significant experience in non-western cultural theory/cosmology and practices. Experience with non-clinical or non-western psychotherapy oriented psychedelic practices and ethics. 

5. Diversity, Equity, and Accessibility Advocate 

  • Qualifications: Experienced practitioner and/or advocate with expertise in promoting diversity, equity, and accessibility in healthcare or healing contexts, using an anti-oppressive lens.
  • Skills: Ability to think and implement change systematically to promote culturally sensitive ethical practices. Ability to navigate complex terrains related to difference in cultural identity with strong interpersonal and communication skills
  • Background: Past experience with similar roles or a professional background that lends skills and experience to this area of expertise.


6. Education and Program Operations Expert

  • Qualifications: Significant experience in designing, implementing, and evaluating educational programs, with a focus on ethics and professional development
  • Skills: Knowledge of best practices in ethics education, ability to integrate ethical principles into program operations and curricula, experience in developing and assessing learning outcomes
  • Background: Proven track record of leading successful educational initiatives, familiarity with the unique challenges and opportunities of psychedelic training programs

7. Chair  

Chair position should fulfill Chair criteria as well as another of the above areas of expertise. The committee chair should have a proven history of effective committee implementation, or similar activity, strong leadership capacity, as well as strength in psychedelic ethics, as this role will be instrumental in committee operations. 

  • Qualifications: 
  • Proven track record of effectively leading and managing committees, boards, or similar decision-making bodies, preferably in healthcare, research, or ethics contexts
  • Skilled in developing and implementing efficient operational structures, processes, and procedures, including setting agendas, assigning tasks, and ensuring accountability
  • Familiarity with best practices in ethics committee operations, including policy development and case review processes
  • Experienced in recruiting, onboarding, and training diverse and skilled committee members
  • Ability to evaluate committee performance and implement continuous improvement strategies 
  • Strong understanding of governance principles, and best practices for running efficient and productive meetings
  • Understanding of bioethics, research ethics, or professional ethics, particularly as they apply to psychedelic healing and/or significant practical experience as a psychedelic guide, therapist, or researcher, with a keen understanding of the field's unique ethical challenges

Exclusion Criteria  

  • Individuals who are currently an employee of Gather Well
  • Individuals who currently sit on any other advisory or governance bodies of Gather Well
  • Individuals who are currently in any of Gather Well’s training programs
  • Individuals who have close family members (e.g., spouses, children, parents, siblings) currently employed by or serving on any governance bodies of Gather Well
  • Individuals who hold significant financial interests (e.g., investments, partnerships) in Gather Well or its direct competitors or who are currently involved in any joint ventures, research projects, or other collaborative initiatives with Gather Well
  • Individuals who have been involved in any legal disputes or public controversies with Gather Well or who have publicly expressed strong opinions, either positive or negative, about Gather Well or its practices, which could be perceived as bias
  • Individuals who have accepted significant gifts, favors, or entertainment from Gather Well or who have any other personal, professional, or financial relationships with Gather Well that could be perceived as compromising their objectivity and independence
  • Individuals with a history of professional ethical misconduct 

Membership Terms & Time Requirements 

Members will serve for a minimum initial term of one year, with the possibility of renewal for multiple terms. To ensure continuity and stability, the committee will set staggering renewal terms so that not all members are up for renewal simultaneously, meaning that some members will serve for an initial term of longer than one year.

Initially, the committee meets for an average of three hours each month and must meet for no less than one hour per month, with additional time allocated for tasks outside of meetings. The committee can adjust the frequency and duration of meetings to ensure they fulfill their responsibilities effectively. Active participation is crucial for a functioning committee. Non-attendance of 3 meetings within a year is grounds for removal.

The Ethics Committee will likely commence in the later half of August 2024. 


Once onboarded, members agree to be represented on our website as someone who sits on our Ethics Committee.  

Compensation and Reimbursement

Gather Well recognizes the essential role of Ethics Committee (EC) Members in shaping the organization’s ethical landscape. As such, we acknowledge the necessity of providing financial remuneration as a form of honorarium for the expertise and insight brought by each Member.

In alignment with Gather Well's commitment to socio-cultural equity and the recognition that each Member may have varying financial circumstances, the Organization has developed a Stipend structure. We strive to operate beyond traditional colonial capitalist frameworks while acknowledging the realities of financial needs in our society. 

Stipend Selection Process

Each member is asked to self-select the stipend tier they feel they should belong to. They are asked to consider historical disparities across race, national history, class, etc., current financial situations, and potential future earnings of Members, taking into account education level, career opportunities, and other relevant factors and select into a stipend tier that represents an equitable approach. Gather Well respects each Member's choice and ensures a confidential process to determine the appropriate stipend tier for each individual.

Stipend Range 

Expected compensation per member per year will range between $0 and $5,000 USD. 

More details will be available for candidates during the interview process. 

Next Steps 

Please feel free to reach out at any time prior with questions. Should you wish to be considered for this role, please submit a CV and cover letter expressing your interest and the ways in which you meet the qualifications laid out above to our Chief of Staff, Jenn Alise, at [email protected] no later than June 10th.          

Those submitted after will be held and processed depending on the volume of interest received. 

The following steps will involve submitting some written responses to a short series of questions aimed at discerning value alignment, an interview with stakeholders from Gather Wells board and staff, as well as an interview with a panel of individuals who are independent from Gather Well and have the relevant expertise to provide meaningful and objective input on candidates for the ethics committee membership roles.

In Conclusion

We welcome and encourage all who feel resonance to ethical care in psychedelics and who feel they could make a meaningful contribution to Gather Wells inaugural ethics committee to submit your interest. Please share this role description with those you feel may have interest. 

Thank you and may we build something meaningful together. 

Appendix A: About Gather Well Psychedelics

Gather Well Psychedelics is a 501(c)3 training organization with a commitment to creating a home for healing arts and transformational learning through responsible and respectful engagement with psychedelics. Drawing on several generations of a lineage of practice with psychedelics, our primary activity is preparing and training psychedelic practitioners. We plan to launch our first preparatory program in late Summer 2024.

We believe that at the current moment, in our contemporary Western culture, with our range of societal challenges -- rising mental health challenges, climate disaster, spiritual unrootedness, technology and substance addiction, social injustice, and political divisiveness  -- a particular shift in consciousness is called for. 

We believe that psychedelic healing modalities, held in an attuned, ethical, and culturally sensitive way, can play an important part in supporting the wide-scale transformation and growth this world needs. Gather Well views its work as helping to usher in a more equitable and balanced future, where individuals feel a responsibility to one another's well-being and every person has an opportunity to thrive and to know their value and purpose within the great unfolding of life. 

Through our comprehensive training, we prepare, mentor, guide, and support aspiring psychedelic practitioners to provide skilled and ethical care. We teach the skills required to facilitate powerful and dynamic experiences with psychedelics, and we provide critical opportunities for practice and oversight through our apprenticeship model. 

We aspire to create a network of well-trained psychedelic guides and leaders equipped to catalyze the exponential change our world needs, increase well-being, deepen our sense of nature connectedness, and shift our culture’s focus from an individualistic to a collective healing paradigm to support future generations' access to a sustainable planet and peaceful society.

This is a 501(c)3 organization. All of our activities have been and will be fully legally compliant in the jurisdictions where we operate.

Appendix B: About the Ethics Committee 

Primary Purpose of the Ethics Committee

The Gather Well Ethics Committee is instrumental in ensuring that every facet of Gather Well's operations adheres to the highest ethical standards, reflecting the organization's core values and commitment to integrity and responsible conduct. The committee serves as a critical guardian and advocate of these values, guiding Gather Well in its mission to maintain ethical excellence in all its endeavors. It oversees, guides, and evaluates Gather Well's decisions and practices against these standards.

Strategic Priorities of the Ethics Committee 

  • Ethical Leadership: The committee is dedicated to fostering an organizational culture where ethical considerations guide all decisions made within Gather Well.
  • Continuous Ethical Improvement: Acknowledging the evolving nature of ethical challenges, the committee commits to perpetually improving the Code of Ethics, ensuring it remains dynamic and responsive to new insights and external changes.
  • Stakeholder Trust: By ensuring transparent and principled operations, the committee aims to cultivate and sustain trust among all stakeholders, reinforcing Gather Well's reputation for integrity.
  • Ethical Competency: A strategic priority is to ensure that all members of the organization are equipped with the knowledge and skills to make ethical decisions, embedding ethical reasoning into the DNA of Gather Well's culture.
  • Innovation in Ethics: The committee aspires to pioneer innovative approaches to ethical challenges, set new standards for ethical practices in psychedelic care and education, and lead by example.

Responsibilities of the Ethics Committee 

Advisory Role:

  1. Ethical Guidance: Offer ongoing advice on ethical matters to different stakeholders within Gather Well, including leadership, staff, and board to support decision-making processes. 
  2. Grievance and Accountability Processes
  3. Grievance Handling: Work with Gather Well leadership to develop and oversee standardized procedures for addressing grievances, ensuring a fair and transparent process.
  4. Restorative Accountability: Guide the organization in implementing restorative practices that address harm, facilitate reconciliation when possible, and promote the growth and learning of all involved in ethical breaches.
  5. Policy Review and Input
  6. Examine and Provide Feedback: Regularly review Gather Well's policies, programs, and practices to ensure they reflect the organization's ethical commitments.
  7. Policy Development: Actively participate in the development of new policies to ensure they reflect high ethical standards. 
  8. Code of Ethics Evolution
  9. Continuous Improvement: Maintain and continuously improve Gather Well's Code of Ethics and Codes of Conduct to help ensure their relevance and effectiveness, incorporating feedback from stakeholders and adapting to new ethical challenges.
  10. Implementation Monitoring: Monitor the effective implementation of the Code of Ethics across all levels of the organization.
  11. Ethical Training and Education
  12. Training Programs: Lead the development and execution of ethics training for Gather Well's staff, emphasizing practical decision-making and ethical reasoning.
  13. Awareness Campaigns: Initiate and oversee campaigns to promote ethical awareness and understanding throughout the organization.
  14. Consultation and Conflict Resolution
  15. Consultative Support: In collaboration with the Care Team, serve as a consultative body for addressing ethical dilemmas (i.e. decision points that need expert ethical guidance) and providing impartial advice to facilitate resolution.
  16. Mediation: In collaboration with the Care Team, act as a mediator in conflicts where ethical considerations are central, proposing solutions that align with Gather Well's ethical values. 
  17. Ethical Monitoring and Reporting
  18. Ethical Audits: Conduct regular audits of Gather Well's practices to ensure compliance with ethical policies and standards.
  19. Reporting: Provide comprehensive reports on the committee's activities, findings, and recommendations to the board and relevant stakeholders.
  20. Stakeholder Engagement
  21. Feedback Collection: Proactively engage with a broad spectrum of stakeholders to gather insights and perspectives on ethical matters.
  22. Inclusion in Decision-Making: Ensure that stakeholder feedback is considered in the committee's deliberations and recommendations.
  23. Strategic Planning and Goal Setting
  24. Strategic Priorities: Identify and establish the committee's strategic priorities and goals, ensuring they align with Gather Well's mission and values.
  25. Continuous Evaluation: Regularly assess the effectiveness of the committee's initiatives, adapting strategies to meet evolving ethical challenges and organizational needs.

Other Roles:

  1. Programmatic Content and Methodologies Review: Review and provide input on the development of programmatic content and methodologies for teaching ethics within Gather Well's educational offerings.
  2. Media and Communications: The committee advises on ethical considerations in media releases and communications, ensuring that Gather Well's public messages align with its ethical standards.
  3. Human Resources: The committee contributes to the ethical evaluation of staff hiring and evaluations, infusing ethical considerations into HR processes.
  4. Admissions: For educational programs, the committee provides guidance on ethical criteria for student admissions, ensuring fairness and integrity in selection processes.
  5. Continuous Learning: The committee is dedicated to continuous learning and staying updated with the latest developments in psychedelic care and ethics.

Roles within the Committee

  • Chair: The Chair leads the committee, setting long-term and short-term strategies and ensuring the committee's adherence to its responsibilities. The Chair acts as the primary liaison with Gather Well's leadership and board.
  • Co-Chair/Second Chair (Optional): If appointed, the Co-Chair supports the Chair, assisting in organizing activities and stepping in when the Chair is unavailable.
  • Treasurer: The Treasurer manages the committee's finances, ensuring transparency and accountability, and maintaining a clear separation of financial duties from the Chair.
  • Secretary: A committee member or a provided administrative support person acts as the Secretary, responsible for meeting documentation, note-taking, and maintaining records of the committee's activities.

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