Marketing Intern

Remote (United States)

Marketing Intern (Remote)

Beckley Retreats is a conscious business that’s setting the standard for transformative experiences that spark broader positive change in the world.

Our vision: To become the most trusted and respected psychedelic wellbeing brand in the world with centers and operations around the entire globe, positively changing mindsets andimprovingwellbeing,safely,atscale. Psychedelicshavethepowertounlockanewwayof seeing, to perceive what we could not previously; this leads to new understandings that can shift both our stories and our lives. Our experiences are designed to set the ideal conditions for this higher purpose: To unlock new ways of seeing for those who are ready, and to inspire a more harmonious way of life.

  • ● We recently completed the first close of our Seed round, raising $1.5M from funds, family offices, foundations and angels
  • ● We are building something really meaningful that is going to help a lot of people. Among the feedback and statements from our recent guests are “completely life changing would be an understatement” and “I felt like we were participating on the ground floor of Apple but instead of building technology we are building a whole new paradigm for consciousness and holistic wellbeing
  • ● Our Co-Founder, Amanda Feilding – The Founder of the Beckley Foundation, is an Icon in this space and was recently named “The Queen of the Psychedelics Renaissance” in the Economist and other broadsheet publications. The Beckley brand is unmatched in psychedelic research and drug policy reform.
  • ● Or traction is strong and our story continues to be told in top press outlets, internationally - Financial Times, Business Insider, Bloomberg, Fortune, Vogue, Conde Nast, Business Insider, Joe Rogan, Evening Standard, Conde Nast and many others
  • Our signature 11-week program includes a 4-week virtual preparation program, a 5 night retreat in legal jurisdictions (Jamaica & Netherlands) (daily meditation and yoga, breathwork, two psilocybin ceremonies, nutritious meals, and access to nature & digital detox), and a 6-week virtual integration program. Our primary focus areas for program development are: safety, ethics, access and reciprocity; a community-centered model; and a holistic approach to drawing from both modern scientific research and ancestral wisdom traditions.
  • As a Marketing Intern, your role is pivotal in managing and executing our campaigns with a singular focus on generating quality leads as well as actively closing prospects to become retreat participants. Our primary aim is to secure a minimum of 15 guests per retreat. We have a unique opportunity as Beckley Retreats stands out as the sole psychedelic retreats company backed by over 25 years of scientific research.
  • Our mission is to foster a deeper understanding of the benefits of psychedelics and our programs, setting us apart from competitors. We want to demonstrate why our offerings are a valuable investment, delivering genuine benefits to participants.

Our campaigns will focus on driving direct sales while also building our network of referral and affiliate partners to create rapid growth. Our authentic voice is at the core of our brand, distinguishing us in a competitive market where credibility can be scarce. It reflects our commitment to accessibility, service, and impact. Our approach to driving retreat sales will be consultative and heart-centered so that we can guide individuals toward fresh perspectives, long-lasting well-being, enhanced performance, and deeper connections to meaning.

Each campaign we run holds the potential to kickstart transformative journeys in personal and professional development, not only for our participants but for those they encounter. Our vision extends beyond immediate impact, as we set the standard for transformative experiences that can spark broader positive change in the world.

Leveraging campaign automation and data-driven insights with Hubspot and Google Analytics coupled with AI technology is a key aspect of our campaign strategy and execution. It accelerates our campaign performance and ensures we focus our time and energy on increasing the # of quality leads generated as well as growing lead to registration conversions.

While we strive for self-sufficiency in crafting our campaign strategy and execution within Beckley Retreats, we are open to collaborative opportunities within the Beckley ecosystem. Crucially, every facet of our campaign strategy contributes to our overarching goal of hitting our ambitious growth targets to sell out our Amsterdam and Jamaica retreats.

In summary, as a Marketing Intern, you will play a crucial role in managing and executing our campaigns, optimizing our campaign performance based on data-driven insights and hitting monthly lead generation, applications and registration quotas to deliver on our growth goals. This role reports to the SVP, Growth at Beckley Retreats. Join us in our mission to create lasting impact and meaning through our unique voice and storytelling.

Duties and responsibilities

  • ● Support paid and organic search
  • ○ Google, Bing, Meta, YouTube
  • ○ Vendor relationship management
  • ● Support storytelling, content and influencer marketing
  • ○ Blog, talk show, video-based storytelling, corporate website, landing pages,
  • e-mails, lead gen assets/offers, social media
  • ○ Upfluence
  • ● Support campaigns for marketing, sales and alumni

○ Cross-channel including e-mail, chat, direct mail, presentations

  • ● Secure speaking speaking engagements
  • ○ Co-working spaces, member communities
  • ○ Events and conferences
  • ○ Podcasts (through vendor)
  • ● Report campaign performance from site traffic to revenuep
  • ○ Performance tracking through dashboards
  • ○ Revenue operations in Hubspot and Google Sheets
  • ● Alignment across teams

○ Collaborate closely with Sales, Programming and Operations

Compensation and Application

$15-$25/hr based on experience, 30-40 hours/week To apply, please e-mail [email protected] a cover letter and resume. 

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