Position Summary

The Project Manager, Federal and State Initiatives (PM) will oversee the operational aspects and scope of specific programs/projects or ongoing initiatives that relate to Federal and State initiatives. The PM will support the association by leading these projects and developing targeted programs, per the association’s strategic direction, as well as creating and managing long-term goals. This role involves full project management including developing strategy, relationships, budgets and operating plans for programs.

More specifically, the PM will be the point person for the development of APPA state chapters and will act as a liaison between national organizations and state chapters to ensure coherence in messaging and priorities across APPA workspaces. The PM will collect and analyze critical intelligence about the states’ and federal political and policy psychedelic agendas, which will inform and develop a cohesive strategy for the association and members. The PM will develop relationships with key stakeholders driving state initiatives, deliver on key organizational metrics, align and execute hand in hand with the advocacy team, and spark state chapter engagement. APPA is a member-driven organization seeking to learn from members in all areas of focus including standards, advocacy, community, and education.

Basic Information

Job Title: Project Manager – Federal and State Initiatives

Status: Full-Time Exempt

Place of Performance: remote with PST operating hours

Travel Requirements: limited, as needed

Supervisors: Co-Executive Directors

Direct Reports: State chapter leads (eventually)

Salary: $85,000 - $95,000/year plus benefits, dependent on candidate experience


  • Federal, national and state initiatives
  • Be in the know and in the mix with all federal, national and state initiatives
  • Identify states with forthcoming psychedelic legislation
  • Develop relationships with key stakeholders driving state initiatives
  • Represent APPA in meetings, as needed
  • Project Management
  • Educate and inform the APPA (and BrainFutures) team on all initiatives in a timely manner (information must remain current)
  • Lead strategy development for APPA
  • Ensure alignment with BrainFutures (the expert consultants managing several development processes with APPA)
  • Help manage all strategic partnerships and consultants required within this scope
  • Manage the Working Groups
  • Manage the database
  • State Chapters
  • Lead the creation and development of APPA state chapters in a strategic manner
  • Create a replicable model for APPA state chapters
  • Remain informed on all state APPA chapter workflows
  • Coordinate all APPA state chapter workflows
  • Act as a liaison between federal and national organizations with APPA state chapters
  • Ensure coherence in messaging and priorities across APPA workflows
  • Educate, inform and engage all APPA state chapters with news on standards, advocacy, community, and education.

Qualifications and Skills

  • 5 years of project management skills and experience
  • Strong organizational skills, ability to track multiple parallel workflows seamlessly
  • Strong communication and facilitation skills
  • Ability to manage and hold teams to timelines while assessing for and addressing barriers to flow
  • Seen as a competent and safe person to come to for problem-solving and coordination needs
  • Experience managing projects and diverse groups (ideally volunteer groups, as well)
  • Understand and demonstrate the ability to implement equity-focused practices in organizational development and relational engagement
  • Self-starter with the desire to look for next steps without needed direction
  • Ability to advocate for self and others with leadership team
  • Comfortable working in a startup, development environment with the ability to adjust quickly while maintaining cohesion with the team
  • Commitment to personal and communal growth

Work Environment

  • Thrive in a start-up environment.
  • Ability to work well within a cross-functional team environment and diverse communities.
  • This position is an outstanding opportunity for a highly motivated PM to assume a pivotal role in the evolution of a fast-growing, highly respected organization. As such, compensation for this role is competitive.
  • TBD Health, dental, vision, Rx, long-term disability, short-term disability, and life insurance
  • TBD Vacation, PTO, and holidays

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