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Psychedelic Preparation & Integration Transformational Coach

Cancún, Quintana Roo, Mexico

Position: Psychedelic Preparation & Integration Coaching

Company: Beond 

Location: Cancun MX and Virtual

Employment Type: Part Time

Beond Mexico (Beond Treatment S.R.L. de C.V. ) is a state of the art residential psychedelic-assisted treatment program based in Mexico providing services for people who experience challenges with a variety of mental health issues. We welcome medically and psychologically qualified guests seeking support in their overall health, wellness, and life optimization. We also have programs for behavioral and chemical dependency as well as mood and trauma. Our 5-Phase treatment delivery model ("Insight Oriented Ibogaine'') typically includes treatments using ibogaine (and incorporating additional psychedelic substances, as medically and therapeutically advisable.) We choose to use the term “guest” instead of client or patient to describe the participants in our programs.

For more information on Beond, our team, vision, mission, programs, please visit and on Instagram – please read Beond: The Manifesto 


We are currently seeking passionate, experienced, and highly skilled Psychedelic Integration Coaches and coaching leadership to join our global team. No experience with ibogaine necessary, there will be a 2 week paid training period with the potential to work with us longer term afterwards. This role will sometimes require you to be in Cancun, however, it may also be virtual other times. We pay for lodging in Cancun.

PLEASE NOTE: Academic training in clinical psychology, psychotherapy, conventional social work or professional experience as a clinical psychologist or licensed therapist is NOT required for this position. We are in the final stage processes of hiring for that position through another job post. We do require a minimum of 3-5 years of experience working with clients one on one or in a clinical setting as a psychedelic integration coach with trauma informed practices. Coaching certifications are strongly preferred.

As a Beond Psychedelic Integration Coach, you are a crucial team member to achieve our mission. This role closely partners with our guests and plays a vital, trusted role in supporting them on their healing journey by facilitating on-site and off-site preparation, pre-treatment, post-treatment integration of their psychedelic experiences. Success in this role often means rapidly cultivating presence, building a sense of multi-dimensional safety and trust, fostering body awareness, self-compassion, self-forgiveness, self-love and compounding a self-motivated feeling of healing. 

Must live in Cancun or the surrounding areas or be willing to move to Cancun at least part time for this position, a short term trial period is ideal to ensure needs and job fit are aligned on both sides.

Key Responsibilities:

  1. Cultivate presence and being with what is: Effectively guide guests in developing familiarity of a range mindfulness practices enhancing their ability to be fully present and engaged with their thoughts, emotions, and sensations throughout their relationship(s) with Beond.
  2. Bring attention to a range of body signals: Help guests (and other team members) develop a practical awareness of subtle body signals and sensations as a means of accessing and processing present and distant emotional states.
  3. Enhance perception and utilization of non-verbal cues: Train guests to practice, recognize and interpret non-verbal cues and unspoken needs and emotions, enabling a deeper understanding of their experiences and promoting effective meaningful communication.
  4. Facilitate emotional access through a range of body awareness practices: Assist guests (through demonstration) in exploring and expressing emotions that may be stored in the body, challenging to access, appreciate and process -- allowing for greater self-awareness, emotional healing, and deeper cultivation of a personal sense of purposeful changes.
  5. Create and maintain a sense of (psychological, emotional, and spiritual) safety in all experiences of personal and shared space within our properties and our curated virtual environments: Establish and uphold a secure and nurturing environment where guests feel deeply supported, respected, cherished and empowered throughout their therapeutic journey. 
  6. Facilitate awareness and healthy communication of unexpressed emotions: Utilize and develop various innovative therapeutic techniques and approaches to encourage guests to safely express and process emotions that are emerging or may have remained unexpressed or unresolved. 
  7. Help facilitate guest’s personal engagement in their present moment experience and participation in a range of therapeutic activities: Employ and develop strategies to help guests feel and stay connected to their present moment experience of growth, promoting self-reflection, awareness, sharing and meaning.
  8. Emphasize a personal sense of patience, respect, and choice: Foster and facilitate a range of innovative therapeutic processes rooted in reverence for human experience of healing, patience, respect, safety and honoring the guest's autonomy and choices, providing a safe and fundamentally non-judgmental space for positive human transformation.
  9. Gently help uncover early traumatic events and unconscious feeling states: Learn to practice and utilize Compassionate Inquiry techniques to collaboratively support guests exploration, uncovering memories of traumatic events from all ages and stages of life (early childhood and more recent) and unconscious emotional states, facilitating profound healing and self-discovery in order to facilitate the design of a new relationship with these stored energies, memories and emotions that is alignment with a preferred life vision.

At Beond, Psychedelic Integration Coaching is a crucial contributor to the individual and collective success of all that we do. This role often includes assisting on-site guests in cultivating a new sense self-love, self-compassion, forgiveness, energetic support, spiritual guidance, and compassionate inquiry. 

Ideally these concepts would play crucial roles, so let's explore each of these elements and their significance in the context of psychedelic integration coaching at Beond:

  1. Self-Love: Cultivating self-love involves developing a deep sense of acceptance, care, and compassion toward oneself. It allows individuals to recognize their inherent worth and embrace all aspects of themselves, including their strengths and vulnerabilities. Self-love helps guests approach their integration process with reverence for the experience, kindness and non-judgment, allowing for greater self-discovery and profound and enduring growth.
  2. Self-Compassion: Self-compassion involves relating/treating to oneself with kindness and understanding, particularly during the most challenging moments of preparation, integration, and after-care at Beond. We encourage guests to acknowledge (even, welcome) their struggles, emotions, and experiences without the common pattern of self-criticism or judgment. At Beond, self-compassion in psychedelic integration coaching provides a supportive and nurturing space for individuals to process and integrate their psychedelic experiences with greater ease and acceptance. We believe that our team must be capable of exhibiting these traits and characteristics during our engagement with our guests and other team members.
  3. Forgiveness: Forgiveness involves releasing resentment, anger, or blame toward oneself or others. In the context of psychedelic integration at Beond, forgiveness can help guests move past (let go of and release) any negative emotions or judgments associated with their experiences and the emotional impact. It allows us to move forward with a sense of resolution, healing, and personal growth and newfound purpose.
  4. Energetic Support: Energetic support refers to techniques or practices that focus on balancing and harmonizing the energetic body. At Beond, this may include breathwork, meditation, energy healing, or somatic practices – we welcome practitioners of these skills to collaborate with our team. By addressing the energetic aspects of a person's being, integration coaches can help guest’s process and integrate their psychedelic experiences at a deeper level, promoting healing and lasting multi-dimensional positive transformation.
  5. Spiritual Guidance: Psychedelic experiences at Beond can have a profound spiritual dimension. In integration coaching, providing spiritual guidance may involve supporting our guests in exploring and understanding the spiritual or transcendent aspects of their experiences. We are not shamans and do not prescribe any specific religions or theology. Yet supporting our guests may involve discussing their personal experiences of full range of concepts of interconnectedness, higher consciousness, or existential questions. Spiritual encouragement can help individuals make sense of their experiences within their own belief systems and fosters a sense of meaning and purpose.
  6. Compassionate Inquiry: Compassionate inquiry is a form of deep listening and questioning that encourages self-reflection and insight. We hope that our integration coaches use this (or similar) techniques to guide guests in exploring their experiences, emotions, and beliefs in a compassionate and non-judgmental way. Through compassionate inquiry, we believe individuals can gain a deeper understanding of themselves, their motivations, and their integration needs.

Overall, we expect that these elements in psychedelic integration coaching at Beond create a supportive framework for guests to process, integrate, and make meaning of their psychedelic experiences. By cultivating self-love, self-compassion, forgiveness, energetic support, spiritual guidance, and compassionate inquiry, integration coaches at Beond will help individuals navigate their integration process with greater self-awareness, healing, and personal growth.

Suggested Requirements for Success:

  • Experience and education: A minimum of 3-5 years of experience in coaching, counseling, or therapy, preferably in psychedelic integration or trauma-informed practices. A relevant degree in psychology, counseling, or a related field is NOT required, but may be helpful. Professional references and personal references will be required.
  • Knowledge of psychedelics and integration is crucial: Familiarity with the therapeutic potential and effects of psychedelic substances, as well as experience in supporting guests through the integration of their psychedelic experiences.
  • Body-oriented approach: Proficiency in body-oriented therapeutic modalities such as Somatic Experiencing, Sensorimotor Psychotherapy, or similar approaches, with a deep understanding of the mind-body connection.
  • Compassionate Inquiry: Training or certification in Compassionate Inquiry or similar techniques for uncovering and addressing trauma and unconscious emotional states is preferred.
  • Strong interpersonal skills: Excellent communication, empathy, and active listening skills to establish a rapport with guests and create a safe and non-judgmental therapeutic space.
  • Ethical and professional conduct: A commitment to upholding and advancing ethical standards and maintaining guest (client) confidentiality throughout the therapeutic process.
  • Continuous learning: Demonstrated interest in ongoing professional development and staying informed about the latest research and best practices in the field of psychedelic integration and trauma therapy.

At Beond, we value the importance of providing comprehensive and compassionate care to our guests. If you are dedicated to supporting individuals on their path to healing, possess the necessary skills and experience, and resonate with our mission, we invite you to apply for the position of Psychedelic Integration Coach. 

Join our team and contribute to the transformational work we do at Beond.

Please share your CV and answer the question why this is the right opportunity for you at this time.

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