Training Operations Manager

Madison, WI

Job Description

JOB OBJECTIVE: The Training Operations Manager is responsible for the implementation and operation of clinical facilitation-related training programs that support Usona’s clinical research activities, supporting our psychedelic therapy protocols in collaboration with complementary organizations. This individual works with Usona’s cross-functional teams including, Clinical Therapeutics, Clinical Operations, and Strategic Partnerships.


This position is located in Madison, WI. Ideal candidates will be located in or around Madison or be willing to relocate within 6 months. 



1. Develop an Operations plan to implement Usona’s facilitator training program to support several existing collaborations, new potential partnerships, and delivery of training programs as they evolve over time. This could be in a variety of modalities, including online, live, and virtual.


2. Maintains an understanding of and supports Usona’s operational needs as they relate to the training of facilitators (i.e., “guides” or “psychedelic therapists”) for Usona’s clinical trials and independent research sites.


3. Works closely with the Usona leadership and the Clinical Therapeutics and Clinical Operations teams to oversee the development and implementation of strategies and systems to ensure that facilitator trainings are delivered according to Usona’s mission, priorities, research site needs, regulatory guidance and standards of safety and consistency. Maintains consultative relationships with appropriate regulatory, ethics, clinical, and educational experts to support this work.


4. This individual will lead the effort to build the training opportunity pipeline as well as work with the financial business partner to conduct financial planning for future resource- needs and revenue projections.


5. Manages the operational aspects of curriculum design and delivery, including collaborations with subject matter experts, internal training delivery team/resources, and external partnerships.


6. Keeps current the emerging field of psychedelic therapy and research, including familiarity with methods employed in Usona-sponsored research.


7. Demonstrates inclusion through their own words and actions and is accountable for a safe workspace. Acts with kindness, curiosity, and respect for others.


8. Embracing and being open to incorporating Promega’s 6 Emotional & Social Intelligence (ESI) core principles in daily work:

6 Core Principles of ESI:

• Check in with yourself

• Listen with empathy

• Enhance self-esteem

• Look for the good, with discernment

• Encourage diverse perspectives

• Use courage and compassion to say what needs to be said


9. Understands and complies with ethical, legal, and regulatory requirements applicable to our business.



1. Master’s degree or equivalent in educational program development or similar.


2. 5+ years of experience in management of training and education programs within mental health, human health therapy training or equivalent experience to include both the building and maintenance of training systems.


3. Ability to support and facilitate a collaborative, respectful and trust-based work environment, emphasizing actionable values of transparency, accountability, and clarity.


4. Ability to work effectively in a dynamic, and rapidly evolving environment at the intersection of medicine, therapy, and regulation while demonstrating follow-through on structured tasks and operational needs.


5. Exemplary communication and interpersonal skills.


1. 3+ years’ experience in the conduct and/or management of clinical research, including familiarity with Good Clinical Practice (GCP). Save


2. Strong skills in creating written documents and communications.


3. Training in or familiarity with therapeutic modalities and/or personal practices involving contemplative practices, integrative medicine, and holistic approaches to health.


4. Ability to use Microsoft applications and services pertaining to the conduct of Usona’s work, such as Outlook, Teams, Word, PowerPoint, OneNote, etc.



1. Ability to use office equipment.


2. Ability to travel.

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