VP of Translational Sciences

Sydney, New South Wales, Australia


About Psylo

Psylo (http://psylo.bio) is an Australian based biotech start-up developing psychedelic-inspired compounds capable of inducing neuroplasticity via 5-HT2A-mediated signalling. Our goal is to develop mechanistically novel, rapid-acting antidepressants.

  • Psylo closes $5m Seed round, led by Main Sequence Ventures - https://www.afr.com/companies/healthcare-and-fitness/the-big-name-vcs-backing-aussie-magic-mushrooms-start-up-20221025-p5bsq3
  • CSIRO, Australia’s national health agency, collaborates with Psylo to evaluate neuroplasticity of lead candidates - https://www.csiro.au/en/news/News-releases/2022/PSYLO-engages-CSIRO-to-evaluate-neuroplasticity-of-novel-psychedelic-compounds
  • Psylo are based at the University of New South Wales and recently named a Top 100 Innovator - https://www.theaustralian.com.au/business/top-innovators
  • Our Chief Scientist Sam Banister speaks with Hamilton Morris about medical chemistry and Psylo - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WZ0fcCTyvDU
  • Our CEO Josh Ismin is interviewed by Psychedelic Alpha - https://psychedelicalpha.com/news/interview-josh-ismin-psylo

The Role

Psylo is searching for a cross-functional biotech exec to help us navigate the transition to becoming a clinical company. The successful candidate will shape the direction of clinical candidate selection and IND enabling studies, and ensure the R&D program is operating with maximum efficiency.

NOTE: We prefer this role to be Sydney based, and are willing to relocating the right candidate - but are open to look at remote.



  • Steer pipeline optimisation and clinical candidate selection from a commercial POV
  • Develop the Target Product Profile and narrow in on indication for clinical candidates
  • Maintain an up to date view of the competitive landscape, with a comprehensive understanding of key competitors' R&D programs
  • Own the regulatory approval process including drafting an Investigative Brochure
  • Inform the financial modelling for reaching our various development milestones
  • Recruit and engage the appropriate advisors and consultants to progress Psylo’s program
  • Attract potential collaborators, partners, and investors to contribute to our development
  • Identify and drive successful grant applications and other funding opportunities


  • Provide oversight and guidance of in-house and outsourced R&D for lead candidates
  • Establish and maintain low-friction processes so the team is working together in lock step
  • Maintain positive commercial relationships with key research collaborators and partners
  • Coordinate the chemistry and pharmacology teams to drive smooth R&D handoffs
  • Work with CEO and finance team to ensure appropriate financial processes are in place
  • Train and/or mentor members of the internal teams as needed.


The Ideal candidate

  • A track record of successful CNS drug development and commercialisation experience, including multiple IND filings
  • Proven experience in regulatory strategy, design and execution
  • A deep understanding of GPCR pharmacology, serotonin receptors, and neuropsychiatric disorders
  • M.S/Ph.D. in a biomedical field, with 10+ years of work experience in drug development
  • An international network of partners, collaborators, and advisors to draw upon


  • Attention to detail, with exceptional organisation and time management skills
  • Superb communication and collaboration skills with commercial and scientific coworkers
  • Comfort in working in a fast paced and ever-changing start-up environment
  • Ability to analyse and interpret data to provide unique insight to the business
  • Capable of working independently and as part of a multidisciplinary team


Why It’s Great to Work Here

We work at Psylo because mental illness affects us all in some way, our current approaches are not good enough, and psychedelics provide a novel framework for developing new solutions. We are driven by a desire to effect positive change in the world; to leave the world a little better than we found it— campsite rules.

In addition to our deep sense of purpose, we love working here because...

  • We are an innovative and collaborative company: we believe in partnerships, collaboration, and honesty so that we act quickly, efficiently, and effectively.
  • Flexibility of hours: While we do have core hours for teamwork, we are a group of school picker uppers, late night lab rats, cross-time-zone collaborators, morning swimmers, and lunchtime gym nuts.
  • Flexibility of location: While we do have a lab and office and do like face to face interaction, we know that it’s sometimes easier to work from home / cafe / plane / beach house.
  • Employee Share Plan: We want all of our employees to be invested in more than just their individual outcomes. All employees can participate in our employee share plan.
  • Wonderful office: We work on the beautiful campus of University of New South Wales, which means we have a lot of green space, have a great discounted fitness centre a few buildings away, are on public transportation routes, and have tons of students around to keep us young.

Our Values

Head imagery features prominently in our branding, it also serves as an acronym for our values, which we try to weave into how we operate and interact as a team:

  • Honesty (& Hunger): We value transparency, internally and externally, and we're hungry to succeed, and learn - which is how we get so much done
  • Empathy: We have a patient-centric mindset, everything we do is for people who are suffering and have limited options for treatment.
  • Accountability: We do what we say. We recently established a penalty system where team members late to meetings donate to Black Dog Institute, a mental-health research non-profit. Proceeds from our online store all go the same institute.
  • Diversity: We crave delivery of opinion, background, POV. Our team members have Australian, American, Chinese, Fijian, Swiss, Canadian, and Turkish backgrounds. We are dedicated to including as many people as we can, and frequently host community-interest events for the general public to provide an interactive forum for discussion around the science of psychedelic medicine.
  • Self-reliance: We value enterprise thinking and proactivity. We work independently, but communicate often.

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