Sapience Therapy
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About Sapience Therapy

Sapience Therapy is growing! We are looking for a self motivated, energetic person (Medical Assistant or similar training preferred) to be the first client-facing employee that potential customers will meet who reach out to our business. Duties will include 

  • Responding to patient inquiries both on the phone and over email, answering their questions about our services, screening potential clients for contraindications, making appointments for sessions with our providers, and kindly and patiently holding their hands each step of the way, as needed, through this process.
  • Getting new clients entered into our EMR, Osmind, sending intake forms and consent forms, and ensuring these are returned and entered into the record.
  • Pre-building notes for providers using information gathered during the screening and from the intake forms, ensuring that data is entered accurately.
  • Pulling data from the Prescription Monitoring Program (PMP) and uploading into the chart before clients are seen by the prescriber.
  • Sending clients payment links prior to services being rendered and keeping track of payments received or outstanding.
  • Generating superbills for clients who desire this.
  • Onboarding new clients to our data collection outcomes study.
  • Scheduling medical evaluations for retreat applicants which includes the same steps as above for any new client (EMR, consents, PMP, prebuild note).
  • Coordinating shipments records from the pharmacy and keeping an accurate log of our supplies.

At this time this job can be done fully remotely. We anticipate the job will fill 10-15 hours per week to start and that it will grow steadily from there, with the possibility that this may become a full time job within the next year or so. 

The ideal candidate will have a calm and confident phone manner, an ease with navigating computers, the ability to work well with others, good time management skills, and an ability to think outside the box to find creative solutions to challenges that arise in a growing business.

The most important qualities we are looking for in a candidate are enthusiasm and willingness to learn, a friendly and reassuring manner with clients and potential clients, and a self-directed ability to make this job your own, such that you become the expert in these processes and can assist us in scaling up our clinic and training program, reducing redundancies, and improving our efficiency and our customer service. 

This job is a fantastic opportunity for a smart, self motivated person without a clinical degree who is eager to enter into the field of psychedelic medicine. By joining Sapience you will get in on the ground floor of a small but well-respected and growing organization which offers ketamine assisted psychotherapy, trainings in ketamine therapy for clinicians as well as wellness retreats, and is actively expanding into additional areas of education and research. Sapience Therapy is positioned to utilize MDMA therapy as well as psilocybin, whenever the US regulatory environment allows these medicines to be legally used. This job will give you hands on experience working with patients who seek psychedelic medicine, and assisting providers working in this field, as well as many opportunities for on the job observation and training that it would be hard to get in other ways without a clinical license. You can be part of shaping the future of this innovative psychedelic medicine organization.

Starting rate is $20 to $25 per hour depending on experience and skills, with cost of living and experience raises provided on an ongoing basis. Unfortunately we do not offer benefits at this time but hope to in the future as the organization grows. 

Interested candidates please send cover letter and CV to Karen Scott, MD, FHM at

Greenfield, Massachusetts, United States