Head of Research


About Lionheart Ventures

Lionheart Ventures is an early-stage venture capital fund addressing existential risks to humanity. Our primary investment area is into wisdom-focused mental health startups, as we consider wisdom to be a critically important existential risk factor. We also invest into AI safety and climate tech companies. 

Lionheart’s mission is to ensure humanity’s existential security for a thriving and biodiverse future. We are currently deploying our inaugural $25M fund. To date, the fund has made over 20 investments, including Calm, Quit Genius, Bexson Biomedical, Journey CoLab, TRIPP and Heart Aerospace. The fund will be doing its PR launch in early 2023. 

Lionheart was founded by David Langer, an experienced technology entrepreneur and angel investor. Prior to founding Lionheart, David was an angel investor in over 20 startups and founder & CEO at Zesty, a healthy corporate catering company acquired by Square in 2018. Our second investing partner is Shelby Clark, founding CEO at Turo and co-founder at Holos.  


About The Role

As Lionheart’s Head of Research, you will lead our work to measure the impact of our investments and non-profit reciprocity, exploring how we can have the greatest impact on existential risk reduction. You will also help Lionheart become a bridge between the existential risks/Effective Altruism communities and those around consciousness/psychedelics/indigenous wisdom. You are already, or you are willing to become a global thought leader in these areas and will work closely with Lionheart’s founding partner David Langer on developing Lionheart into a well-respected global voice and authority.


  • Lead Lionheart’s research activities exploring how to have the greatest impact on existential risk reduction through venture capital investing
  • Evolve and manage Lionheart’s impact measurement and quantification methodology
  • Lead Lionheart’s reciprocity initiative, where a percentage of the General Partner profits from each fund are donated to leading non-profits in the same cause area(s)
  • Author Lionheart’s annual impact report
  • Represent Lionheart publicly within the Effective Altruism and existential risk communities, authoring academic papers, blog/forum posts, interviewing with podcasts/press and posting to social media


  • 5+ years experience in an existential risk research group of other Effective Altruism-aligned research position
  • Experienced and comfortable with public communication in a range of formats, including authoring/co-authoring academic papers, writing long-form blog/Medium posts, interviewing on podcasts and managing social media accounts
  • Already or excited to become a global thought leader in the field of existential risks, and in particular wisdom/mental health as an existential risk factor
  • Excellent attention to detail
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Deep interest in personal growth
  • Personal experience with psychedelic medicine
  • Startup founder and/or venture capital investing experience preferred


  • Competitive salary and carry allocation
  • Flexible, remote working
  • Opportunity to contribute to one of the most impactful funds globally at an early stage

Lionheart’s Values

  • Compassion
  • We consider situations from all perspectives, including different sides of ourselves, bringing wisdom and compassion to them.
  • First principles 
  • We think from first principles and are not scared to come up with original ideas as a result.
  • Longtermism 
  • We recognize that our lives exist for a tiny fraction of humanity’s and approach our work from a pan-generational perspective.
  • Determination 
  • We fearlessly and persistently pursue Lionheart’s mission.
  • Discernment
  • We diligently consider and research problems to develop positions with high conviction, and are also discerning which problems are worthy of our attention.

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