Operations & Administration Manager

Madison, WI

Job Description

JOB OBJECTIVE: The Operations & Administration Manager at Usona Institute will ensure that the office operates smoothly and efficiently. This role will be important in the day to day operations of the Usona building and guest house experiences.

This role will also provide administrative project management leadership and support for the Usona business executive and management team.


1. Manage the day to day administration and operations for Usona to ensure that the organization runs efficiently.

2. Provide administrative support to the Executive Director and Usona leadership which will include timely, courteous response to all requests and inquiries, including phone call management, processing items requiring approval, routing documents for distribution, composing correspondence, filing, faxing, and mail. Use judgment and tact while maintaining appropriate levels of confidentiality.

3. Facilitate direct contact between Executive Director, and Usona leadership, Usona employees and other constituents. Act as liaison to coordinate meetings, scheduling, and other issues.

4. Oversee and support all administrative duties in the office and ensure that the office is operating smoothly.

5. Manage office supplies inventory and place orders as necessary.

6. Develop office policies and procedures, and ensure they are implemented appropriately.

7. Assist with office layout planning and office moves, and with managing and maintaining IT infrastructure.

8. Manage office budget.

9. Identify opportunities for process and office management improvements, and design and implement new systems.

10. Compose, edit, compile and distribute reports and documents. Attend meetings and take notes as requested. Prioritize and summarize information. Provide input, as requested. Prepare and edit presentations as needed.

11. Coordinate and arrange large-scale meetings and events within Usona.

12. Coordinate travel/training arrangements for designated staff and appropriate visitors in accordance with Usona’s hospitality standards.

13. Demonstrates inclusion through their own words and actions and is accountable for a safe workspace. Acts with kindness, curiosity and respect for others.

14. Embracing and being open to incorporating Promega’s 6 Emotional & Social Intelligence (ESI) core principles in daily work.

15. Understands and complies with ethical, legal and regulatory requirements applicable to our business.


1. Associate degree in business administration, administrative field, communications, or equivalent experience.

2. Minimum of 7-10 Years’ experience in a senior level administrative/office management role.

3. Strong organizational and time management skills, and an ability to prioritize.

4. Must have exceptional attention to detail.

5. Must be a self-starter and driven.

6. Excellent communication and interpersonal skills.

7. Strong problem-solving skills and analytical abilities.

8. Advanced computer skills including word processing, spreadsheet, databases, and network environment. Advanced knowledge of Windows, Microsoft Office, and electronic mail and network scheduling systems.

9. Ability to work independently as well as in group settings.

10. Ability to make decisions, as well as exercise regular judgment and discretion in daily and administrative tasks.


1. Knowledge of business terminology.


1. Ability to work with computer equipment and telephones.

2. Ability to occasionally move/lift boxes weighing up to 30 pounds.

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