Program Manager, Veterans Acceleration Program


VAP is a major new initiative of PSFC that will sponsor a program of research to understand how MDMA-Assisted Therapy (MDMA-AT) could be made available to veterans through the US Department of Veterans Affairs. In partnership with the VAP Director, the Program Manager will curate and manage a portfolio of research projects evaluating the feasibility, efficacy, effectiveness and implementation of MDMA-AT in VA. This ambitious new program will cover the entire grant lifecycle, from the development and issue of a Request for Proposals, to standing up a rigorous scientific review process, to the award and successful execution of grants for innovative new projects. The Program Manager will be responsible for managing relationships with a wide variety of key stakeholders from all levels of the VA (VA Central Office, Veterans Integrated Service Networks, Veterans Affairs Medical Center and VA clinics), as well as collaborating with university faculty, VA researchers and clinical operations staff. VAP works closely with the team at MAPS-PBC, which is the non-profit drug sponsor charged with commercializing MDMA and making it widely available after FDA approval.


  • Technical Assistance: Provide technical assistance to new grant applicants and work with MAPS-PBC staff to usher promising projects from initial concept through protocol development and into the field.  Serve as the primary point of contact for all parties interested or involved in VAP research. Help project managers and research coordinators at various sites to ensure the success of all VAP projects.
  • Grant Review: Facilitate the development and issuance of a Request for Proposals and the creation and management of a scientific review board to evaluate these proposals.  The Program Manager will work with the Director to develop systems and processes designed to support scheduling, event planning workflow and other logistic issues.
  • Clinical Operations: Support trials once they are in the field. Provide ongoing consultation regarding recruitment, data collection and regulatory compliance. Coordinate research activities across multiple sites with different investigators and sources of funding. Monitor projects that are already in progress around the country.
  • Administrative Operations: Manage the day-to-day operations of the program. This may include budgeting and fiscal management, developing and managing new contracts with researchers and service providers, and help with recruiting and hiring new team members.   
  • Communications: Engage and effectively communicate with both internal and external stakeholders including donors, grantees, legislators, clinical staff and veterans. The Program Manager approaches others in a tactful manner, reacts well under pressure, treats others with respect and consideration regardless of their status or position.

Qualifications and experience:

  • MD, PhD or Master’s degree in a field related to health care and research
  • 5+ years of management experience in VA or other large integrated delivery network
  • 5+ years of experience in behavioral or pharmacological research
  • Experience managing large multisite research projects 
  • Experience managing budgets, grants and contracts.
  • High technical proficiency with ability to use common office software (Google Suite, Microsoft Office), the ability to quickly learn to use new platforms (e.g. Affinity CRM, Asana), and independently troubleshoot any issues encountered in the remote work environment.


  • Communication:  This position requires effective and efficient communication with a multitude of stakeholders with a wide variety of backgrounds, experiences, and communication preferences.  The Program Manager will be able to simultaneously manage multiple channels of communication including phone, email, text, and messaging within systems such as Slack, Asana or Salesforce. The Program Manager will use sensitivity, discretion, and decorum around key external relationships.  
  • Organization: The VAP is an ambitious, complex initiative with many moving parts.  The Program Manager will partner with the Director and the Leadership committee to develop a strategic plan, and then organize its execution.  This will require exceptional organizational skills to set up VAP systems and processes, as well as the ability to organize work with MAPS-PBC, VA stakeholders, researchers and clinicians.
  • Project Management: The Program Manager will be responsible for simultaneously managing multiple projects that may have competing priorities for time and resources.  The Program Manager will use comprehensive program and project plans to plan and manage budgets, track progress against goals and objectives, and to allocate and manage resources.  They will use Asana or similar software to organize and manage all aspects of each project.
  • Agility: The Program Manager will be asked to accommodate urgent and important tasks that may not be directly related to current activities, and will consult with the Director regularly to reassess priorities and resource allocation, all the while maintaining focus on the VAP mission.
  • Resilience: Working with a large federal bureaucracy to support innovative psychedelic science will be difficult and at times frustrating. The Program Manager will maintain a resilience mindset, and will quickly recover from setbacks and focus on lessons learned.

While not required, experience with Program Evaluation is also desirable.

Details and Application Instructions:

This will be a full-time, remote staff position that may require up to 25% travel. To apply, please email a resume and cover letter to

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