Social Media Contractor in Iboga/ Ibogaine


LYT Marketing specializes in Marketing in the Psychedelic space. Two of our current clients specialize in Iboga/Ibogaine and need part-time support with social media and content creation. Each client is in different areas of Iboga and Ibogaine; both are Bwiti initiates and are medical professionals. We are seeking content creation support with the following experience:

  • Proficiently in written and spoken English. (Students or new grads welcome)
  • You are eager to stay up to date with market and industry trends. Ideally, you already have an RSS feed and social account full of psychedelic content because this world already inspires you.
  • Video editing experience focusing on Reels and YouTube shorts, eager to support existing accounts and gain traction for new ones.
  • Well-versed in Meta scheduling and/or Buffer with the ability to schedule one week of posts on an agreed-upon deadline each week for review at least two days before posts are to be published.
  • Knowledge, interest, and preferably personal experience with Iboga or Ibogaine.
  • Understanding of the retreat marketplace, Integration trends and language, and general Psychedelic market knowledge. Awareness of research and development trends in the Psychedelic space is a plus.
  • Past experience in travel, lifestyle marketing, alternative health, wellness, or alternative medicine is encouraged.
  • Evidence from past social account management of MOM increased engagement metrics and experience in responding to comments and PMs professionally.

Time Commitment: We are seeking a social media contractor who is seeking to start slowly (10 hours per week), show their value, and be interested in growing with our clients. One is self-funded, and the other is closing its first round of funding so this role will increase. This role will expand with additional clients in different areas of Psychedelics, Psychology, and Wellness, once your value is proven. You must be available at least one hour a day, five days a week, without long periods of absence for engagement. Posts can be scheduled one day per week.

Please provide example accounts you are responsible for relevant to the context above. Share a bit about your experience in this industry and or interest. Bonus for those who understand the extensive preparation and integration required for Iboga and Ibogaine.

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