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LSU Health Shreveport
LSU Health Shreveport www.lsuhs.edu
Olson Lab
Olson Lab www.olsonlab.org
King鈥檚 College London
King鈥檚 College London www.kcl.ac.uk
California Center for Psychedelic Therapy
California Center for Psychedelic Therapy psychedelictherapyca.com

Our center is the premier clinical center in Southern California specializing in psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy and complementary clinical services. Through providing the highest quality treatment interventions, professional development, and cutting-edge research in the world, we are committed to assisting people who are seeking healing and growth. Our multidisciplinary team of clinicians and researchers is at the forefront of the budding field of psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy.We share our unique clinical expertise and ongoing research as we refine new, safe, and effective treatment methods that help our clients and communities find relief and thrive.

MAPS maps.org
MAPS Europe B.V.
MAPS Europe B.V. mapseurope.eu
Transcend Therapeutics
Transcend Therapeutics www.transcendtherapeutics.com
Baylor College of Medicine
Baylor College of Medicine www.bcm.edu
Spirit Meds
Spirit Meds www.spirit-meds.com

Spirit Meds is an online education platform with the prime goal of enlightening humanity in the spiritual uses of psychoactive compounds such as cannabis and psilocybin. We aim to spread awareness and provide unique, never be seen before content on spiritual wholeness using psychoactive compounds.

Heroic Hearts Project
Heroic Hearts Project www.heroicheartsproject.org

Heroic Hearts Project is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit with a mission to build a healing community that helps veterans suffering from military trauma recover and thrive by providing them with safe, supervised access to psychedelic treatments, professional coaching, and ongoing peer support.Secondary Objectives:Research: Help develop and contribute to the growing base of psychedelic research.Education: Develop research-based products and programs to inform and educate people on the therapeutic potential of psychedelics.Advocacy: Use research, data, and testimonials to counter the stigma associated with psychedelics and to help change the laws limiting access to psychedelics as therapeutics.

Curio www.joincurio.com

鈥岰urio is a psychedelics care delivery & infrastructure startup focused on remote safety monitoring and clinical outcomes for virtual Psychedelic-Assisted Coaching and Therapy (PACT). Our vision is to create the world's most cost-effective and preventive healthcare system catalyzed by psychedelic-assisted coaching and therapy (PACT).

Stealth Psychedelic Co
Stealth Psychedelic Co stealthpsychedelic.co
APS Health Innovations
APS Health Innovations advancedpsychsolutions.com

We believe that everyone should have access to quality, research-backed, and affordable mental health care. Our clinics offer a best-in-class patient experience that is psychiatric, and psychotherapy-led. Our objective is to be at the forefront of innovative mental health care treatments to address the growing need for effective and personalized care.

Stifel Financial Corp.
Stifel Financial Corp. www.stifel.com
UC Berkeley Center for the Science of Psychedelics psychedelics.berkeley.edu

The UC Berkeley Center for the Science of Psychedelics is hiring a part-time Clinical Research Coordinator! Descriptions of the job responsibilities, required and preferred qualifications, and the application process can be found here.

EURAXESS euraxess.ec.europa.eu
Flow Integrative Ketamine
Flow Integrative Ketamine www.flowintegrativeketamine.com
Mentis Therapeutics
Mentis Therapeutics getmentis.com

The intersection between clinical trials and retreats.

Bay Area Mental Health
Bay Area Mental Health www.bayareamentalhealth.com

TRANSFORMING PAIN INTO PURPOSE THROUGH COLLABORATIVE CAREBay Area Mental Health is a thriving group practice in Silicon Valley and we specialize in treating trauma, mood disorders, highly sensitive people, and substance use through individual therapy, couples therapy and group therapy.WWW.BAYAREAMENTALHEALTH.COMWe have a full DBT program, lots of process groups and also offer Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy. We work within a collaborative care model where our therapists and prescriber support one another as needed for the more complex cases.Currently we are only looking for therapists licensed in CA though we are open to considering associates who have completed their hours and are nearing licensure.Full time (22+ clinical hours per week) and local is preferred but we are also open to part time (15 clinical hours per week) and telehealth or hybrid in person/telehealth.Hourly clinical pay rate for a licensed therapist is between $70-80/hour.Benefits include:路 Paid Admin Time路 Paid Sick-Time路 Paid PTO (full-time)路 IRA with company matching路 QSEHRA healthcare benefit (full-time)路 Training Reimbursement路 Supervision for free路 Team consultation meetings路 Team Retreats路 Quarterly and Annual Bonuses路 Training opportunity on our learning website路 Comfortable working space路 Supportive Team路 Admin team to provide support with scheduling new clients, marketing, billing, and logisticsYou can apply through the website or by emailing our CEO at melissa@bayareamh.com

Psychedelic Farm
Psychedelic Farm psychedelic-farms.com

We Are psychedelic farms " and We are Out To Provide Competitive Alternatives For Those interested In Low Price But Quality Products On And Off Pharmaceutical Products 

Odisea odisea.app

Odisea is a digital companion that harnesses the knowledge of expert psychedelic practitioners to inform and accompany solo journeyers at every step of their psychedelic wellness journey: from preparation through to integration and beyond, we empower our community to reduce risks and maximise the benefits of their transformative experiences. Our valuesPeople over profits. we prioritise the needs of our customers and employees over the needs of shareholdersMission and outcome-driven: we focus on outcomes rather than outputs. We treat positive impact as our north star and ensure that our decisions and processes reflect that missionMake it fun: we make our work together enjoyable and friendly. We also infuse fun into what we put out into the worldTest, fail, learn and grow: we understand that we all make mistakes and are creating an environment where failure and mistakes are just a natural part of growthWhere we are todayWe鈥檙e currently in one of Europe鈥檚 top startup incubators (https://demium.com) where we鈥檙e working on the early stages of bringing our vision to life, and we鈥檙e putting together a great team to make it happen!

Radboud University
Radboud University www.ru.nl
Curio joincurio.com

Curio is a psychedelics healthcare platform which offers science-based psychedelic-assisted coaching therapy. The mental health crisis is the health crisis of our era. COVID, world unrest, and the economic instability we face today are contributing to the 25% of Americans each year who suffer from a mental health condition such as depression, anxiety, or PTSD.But even in the face of external turmoil, we all have the potential to build up our emotional resilience. At Curio, we are helping people process past traumas, confront fears, and overcome difficult transitions. We do this by implementing rigorous clinical processes and building thoughtful products and services powered by industry-leading technology.

Fireside Project
Fireside Project firesideproject.org