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Psychedelic Science Funders Collaborative
Psychedelic Science Funders Collaborative psfc.co
Psychedelic Research Group at McGill University
Psychedelic Research Group at McGill University www.mcgill.ca
Noetic Fund
Noetic Fund noeticfund.com
MIND Foundation
MIND Foundation mind-foundation.org
Levitee Labs
Levitee Labs leviteelabs.com
Horizons ETFs
Horizons ETFs www.horizonsetfs.com
Beckley Psytech
Beckley Psytech www.beckleypsytech.com
ATMA www.atmajourney.com
Octarine Bio
Octarine Bio octarinebio.com

Harnessing the powers of synthetic biology to develop rare and superior cannabinoids and psychedelic derivatives.

Mindbloom www.mindbloom.com
Quantified Citizen
Quantified Citizen www.quantifiedcitizen.com

Quantified Citizen is a Seed-stage mobile health research startup aimed at disrupting the unnecessary cost and time of clinical research by democratizing the process, and enabling anyone to design & deploy clinical grade health research studies to engaged participants who receive personalized health insights. We have a particular interest in psychedelics and helping researchers and clinicians develop treatments for mental health.We launched our flagship mobile research app and have had over 51,000 iOS app installs with a 4.7 star rating. Among our initial studies, we've partnered with world-famous mycologist Paul Stamets on a UBC research ethics approved 17,000+ participant correlational study on the effects of microdosing psychedelic substances on cognitive performance and mental health. Our first paper on this study was accepted by Nature Scientific Reports and went public last week. We've also partnered with award-winning cinematographer Louie Schwartzberg on a 6,500+ participant Gratitude Study. Stay tuned for a variety of new public studies in development.

Transcend Health Solutions
Transcend Health Solutions www.transcendketamine.com

Transcend is a IV Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy practice. Locations in Austin and San Antonio Texas.

Monash University
Monash University www.monash.edu

Australia's first psychedelic lab, establishing a rigorous program of research in psychedelic medicine at Monash University that seeks to evaluate therapeutic effects, innovate on treatment design, mitigate known risks, explore potential drawbacks, and understand therapeutic mechanisms. The Lab is led by Dr Paul Liknaitzky.

Homecoming www.homecoming.health
Nue Life
Nue Life nue.life

We’re a next-gen mental wellness company that believes in the power of psychedelics to catalyze lasting change. Nue Life’s mission is to revolutionize mental health treatment with whole-person care and evidence-based therapies that catalyze healing and growth. Our team of dedicated physicians and nurses, expert technologists, and compassionate clinicians are committed to delivering responsive, personalized therapy in the comfort of our client’s homes. As much as we believe in the power of technology to transform mental health, we know that, ultimately, people heal people.

Psychedelic Spotlight
Psychedelic Spotlight www.psychedelicspotlight.com
Heading Health
Heading Health headinghealth.com

Heading Health is a technology-enabled mental health platform improving access to high-quality and affordable care. Heading delivers personalized treatment solutions that leverage evidence-based therapeutics and technologies such as Spravato, transcranial magnetic stimulation, telepsychiatry, and intramuscular ketamine.

Nue Life Health
Nue Life Health nue.life

Nue Life is a next-generation mental wellness company that believes in the power of psychedelics to catalyze lasting change. Through virtual psychotherapy groups, individual health coaching, and ketamine treatment facilitated by the proprietary Nue app technology, Nue Life provides affordable and effective in-home treatment for mood disorders.

Gilgamesh Pharmaceuticals
Gilgamesh Pharmaceuticals www.gilgameshpharmaceutical.com
Delix Therapeutics
Delix Therapeutics www.delixtherapeutics.com
Small Pharma
Small Pharma smallpharma.com
Maya Health
Maya Health www.mayahealth.com
Silo Wellness
Silo Wellness www.silowellness.com
Novamind www.novamind.ca